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Pica8 Expands Hardware Compatibility List with Addition of Two of Delta’s Agema Switches


Palo Alto, CA August 22, 2017 – Pica8, Inc., a leading vendor of white box switch software, announced today the continuing growth and momentum of the white box Ethernet switch market with support for Pica8 software on Delta Electronics’ two new switches from its Agema product line for Open Networking Solutions – a 48-port 1-gigabit POE switch for branch office use, and a 32-port 100-gigabit switch for high-bandwidth applications.

Pica8’s growing ecosystem for Remote Office and Branch Office (ROBO) networks is enabling increasing adoption of the white box value proposition – separation of hardware and software purchases to avoid vendor lock-in, providing freedom of choice and saving on CAPEX and OPEX. Agema’s AG6248C switch provides 48 ports of POE-enabled switching, optimized for ROBO applications. Pica8’s PicOSTM Network Operating System has been deployed in branch offices and provides a set of features optimized for the unique demands found there.

“White box switching started in the largest data centers, but is now appearing more frequently in enterprise access networks as enterprise buyers gain confidence in the ecosystem and discover they can leverage the cost advantages,” said Alan Weckel, technology analyst at the 650 Group.

“Enterprise buyers are able to realize up-front savings due to the disaggregation of switch software and hardware, just as we saw with servers and Linux 15 years ago,” said Dan Tuchler, VP of product management at Pica8. “The features of PicOS have been optimized to support unique requirements in the ROBO environment, and enable operational savings as well as zero-touch provisioning and centralized control and management.”

Pica8 has also ported PicOS to the Agema AG9032 switch, which provides 32 ports of 100-gigabit Ethernet for high speed data center, aggregation and backbone applications. This expands the Pica8 hardware compatibility list to 6 choices for this switch configuration. PicOS provides solid switching and routing protocols, plus industry-leading OpenFlow and Pica8’s innovation – CrossFlowTM.

“The growing requirements and requests for improved handling of application-specific workloads is bringing Linux-based open platform technologies, such as PicOS, as a game changer in the industry,” said Waldemar Scheck, VP at STORDIS. “With the success we are already seeing, plus the expanding hardware options through Agema´s AG6248C and AG9032 series bare-metal switches, customers will benefit by having more freedom to choose the platform which best fits their needs. As the main Pica8 distributor in EMEA, we are looking forward to empowering our customers with more flexibility and control to provide future proof network infrastructure.”

“Agema Ethernet switch customers who require high bandwidth can now choose to deploy using PicOS network operating software,” said Jay Huang, head of business operation at Agema. “We’re seeing rapid adoption of white box switching, and PicOS brings industry-leading capabilities to our switches.”

Pica8 and Agema Systems provide feature-rich and reliable Ethernet solutions, spanning from 1-gigabit to 100-gigabit switches. Contact Pica8 to learn more about these solutions at

About Pica8, Inc.
Pica8 is breaking barriers to truly customizable application performance through open networking. With its Linux-based PicOS™ network operating system, Pica8 enables custom traffic engineering and empowers white box and brite box switches to integrate easily with existing Layer 2/Layer 3. Since 2009, Pica8 has pioneered new open networking technologies such as Linux-based networking, OpenFlow and CrossFlow networking, vASIC® and Table Type Patterns. Through ongoing innovation, Pica8 is a trusted brand that unlocks the potential of made-to-order networking, offering a mainstream alternative to legacy proprietary systems. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @pica8.


About Agema
Agema is a Delta product line of Open Networking Solutions for data centers, services providers and enterprises. Our open platform high performance switching products are among industry's best and available in bare metal or preloaded 3rd party extensible modular NOS providing customer a choice and freedom to implement software solutions that best fit their needs. With the world's leading technologies for networking gears, we bring years of experience in delivering high performance, reliable and quality products that are deployed in some of world's largest networks including mega data centers.

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