Open Data Center Framework

Laying the Foundation for Software Defined Data Centers

An Open Data Center Framework—the result of open networking—ensures that your applications get the infrastructure characteristics they need for optimal performance. Its external programmability leverages the distributed intelligence of network devices, leading to meaningful control over application flows, and ultimate application performance.

Pica8® has the building blocks of your software-defined data center available and production-ready. Its PicOS™ switching operating system, delivered on white box, bare-metal switches, supports OpenFlow 1.4 through integration of Open vSwitch (OVS). The OpenFlow interface enables external programmability and these SDN foundation-laying features:

  • Traffic engineering: OpenFlow 1.4 statistics analyze utilization to help determine the best path for application flows
  • GRE tunneling: Connect logical domains without disrupting the overall network fabric, and isolate sensitive traffic
  • Network Taps: OpenFlow 1.4 can both dynamically program a network tap and adjust its characteristics, thereby greatly reducing CAPEX

With these new capabilities, network architects can better understand how to best deploy SDN solutions and control individual flows. Stay tuned for updates on Pica8’s blogs, Twitter feeds, and press releases, as we detail how to manage and provision these building blocks over.

Introducing the Open Data Center Framework

Learn about Pica8's white box switches for the open data
center, and our open SDN starter kit