Integrated Open OVS Switch & Controller

Leverage the first OpenFlow 1.4-based Open SDN stack

Trying to get your arms around software-defined networking (SDN)? Having trouble deciding which open virtual switch or OpenFlow controller to use? Configuring a new device and leveraging new protocols can be daunting in the growing SDN revolution, but Pica8® is here to help.

Pica8 believes vigorously in open networking, and that in part means sharing our basic tools and configuration guides with the community. We want to minimize the time it takes to pull the pieces together, and help you focus on evaluating what SDN can do for your environment.

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Watch the step-by-step videos below or access our OpenFlow tutorials on the right

Pica8 Configuring an Open OVS Switch
Pica8 OVS Config Uni- & Bi-Directional Flows

Pica8 OVS Config Filter Multicasting Flow

Configuring Aggregate Flows on Open OVS Switch

Pica8 Configuring OVS Switches with RYU

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