PicOS and BroadView

PicOS integration with Broadcom’s BroadView™ Instrumentation Suite

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is now a widely known technology and the industry is moving fast from proofs-of-concept (PoCs) to live deployments. Many factors are driving SDN adoption, including programmability, optimized usage of network resources, and traffic engineering with a network-level view.

BroadView™ is a software suite that delivers breakthrough visibility into data plane tasks such as monitoring, congestion control and advanced troubleshooting. The software is offered as an open source package for faster innovation and easier integration.

BroadView is installed and integrated with PicOS like any other Linux application. PicOS utilizes the native APIs for BroadView, ensuring seamless compatibility and ease of integration.

This solution is an example of the SDN and OpenFlow ecosystem coming together. Planning, optimizing, and troubleshooting an OpenFlow solution can be a challenge because of the lack of tools available to do so holistically. With BroadView and PicOS, users can leverage data at a granular level—down to the switch, buffer, and port—and apply these to the OpenFlow-based environment to make proactive decisions. The end result is a network that’s easier to manage, and one that delivers a better user experience – with increased reliability, enhanced performance, and greater application availability.