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How to Build a Scalable Monitoring Fabric Using SDN

Visibility into data center traffic is critical to telcos and CSPs for security, billing, performance monitoring and optimization, and lawful intercept. With ever increasing traffic volumes, it’s important to build a monitoring fabric to collect and distribute the traffic flows to the right tools.

This white paper describes:
  • The anatomy Network Monitoring Fabric
  • The functions of a Network Monitoring Fabric
  • Why SDN is an ideal technology to enable this solution
  • Configuration examples to help get you started
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Bare Metal Networking-Leveraging "White Box" Thinking

This white paper covers everything you wanted to know about bare-metal and white box switches, but were afraid to ask!

  • An overview of basic terminology
  • What makes a network operating
  • system portal to any switch
  • Open-source initiatives and common
  • tools including ZTP, Chef and Puppet
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Emerging Use Cases for SDN

This white paper highlights five use cases where adding policy-based provisioning thinking to existing networks makes technical and business sense. The idea of metering, matching a condition, and then acting on that condition are explored.

The use cases described include:
  • SDN within the data center – the battleground of how to move data
  • Data center to data center networking – building intelligence to deliver on hybrid cloud
  • SDN at the routed edge – re-thinking routing on commodity hardware
  • Campus networking – KISS SDN for the “IT guy”
  • Network taps - sometimes the simplest ideas are the best
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