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HPE and Pica8 Partner to Bring Turnkey SDN Solutions for the Enterprise

Software-defined networking (SDN) has the promise to improve network agility and scale. However, one barrier to adoption in the enterprise has been the availability of ready-made, turnkey applications. These companies need firewalls, load balancers, network visualizers, and management tools, but they also value simplicity in how these applications are deployed and operated.

Pica8 is working with HPE and HPE’s SDN App Store to deliver on this promise. A growing community of application developers is actively developing turnkey SDN applications and solutions for the enterprise.

Pica8’s PicOS network operating system is available in the SDN App Store. PicOS, running on HPE Altoline switches, has also been tested and certified to work with different controllers and applications in the SDN App Store, making it easier for customers to deploy and use these SDN solutions.



Kemp LoadMaster

In traditional networks there is no end-to-end visibility of network paths, and applications are not always routed optimally. Kemp Technologies LoadMaster application addresses this lack of visibility by accessing critical flow pattern information from the SDN controller. With this approach, applications can be routed dynamically to the optimal server via the best path available on the switching infrastructure. By using extracted metrics such as network congestion, more intelligent forwarding decisions enhance the quality of the application experience.

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SDN Privatizer

Private-VLAN domain functionality is cumbersome to provision and manage. SDN Privatizer changes the game by enabling IT Admins to create communities within VLANs. You can span across VLANs without using complex policy-based router (PBR) rules, which simplifies provisioning and maintenance of private VLANs.

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