DevOps Automation

Support Traditional CLI and Unmodified Linux Environments

In the IT world, automation is king. More and more customers are looking for ways to save time, eliminate downtime, and reduce costs by automating day-to-day tasks.

DevOps is a methodology that is gaining in popularity, and is one path to IT automation. This approach enables operators to control the operations of their infrastructure in a programmatic way.

It also brings multiple IT components together under the same umbrella, so that they can all be managed in a consistent and holistic way. A DevOps package that enables you to automate the configuration of a new server or storage array should be able to control the network as well.

Pica8's PicOS is a Linux network OS, making it easy for our customers to integrate the network into their DevOps strategy. Because it’s native Linux, there’s no curve to get started. We are compatible with all the leading DevOps tools, such as Puppet, Chef, and CFEngine. PicOS also supports OpenFlow which brings in an additional aspect of central control. These capabilities give our customers the operational freedom to take advantage of DevOps automation in their network today.



DevOps Automation


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