Edge Services

Launch Differentiated Services and Drive New Revenue

Service providers are constantly faced with delivering new and differentiated services to their customers. Business and consumer customers alike are clamoring for more bandwidth, more services, lower prices, and the capability to customize and launch applications at the touch of a button.

These services exist at different points in the infrastructure. They can reside in the data center (hosted or on the customer premises), at the WAN or Internet edge, or even all the way out to the small or home office location.

Software-defined Networking (SDN) driven by open APIs including OpenFlow helps service providers deliver these capabilities without adding costly operational cycles or CapEx. Providers can give their customers the ability to self-provision through portals, spin up applications quickly, and increase their operational agility. More importantly, SDN can help providers monetize these services.

Pica8’s PicOS software and pre-loaded switches are available in a variety of form factors. They can be used for the data center, the WAN, and the small and home office wiring closet, empowering service providers with flexibility to deliver differentiated services anytime, anywhere.



SDN Edge Services


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