What We Do

Pica8 builds networking platforms designed to optimize your applications

Customers are looking for a network that fits their applications – networks with the right amount of performance, manageability, and security. In short, they are looking for a network that’s ‘made to order’.

Network Operating System

Our customers and partners leverage PicOS, our market leading network operating system (NOS), to build the most flexible and programmable networks in the world using white box switches, software-defined networking (SDN) and OpenFlow. With PicOS, customers can customize a network to support a wide variety of solutions such as hybrid clouds, disaster recovery, networks taps, and content delivery.


Building a made-to-order network without the disruption of starting from scratch is daunting. That’s why it’s important to use what works, build upon a solid network foundation, and strategically weave in SDN policies.

Pica8 is the only networking solution with CrossFlow, a capability that allows you to inject OpenFlow rules into a traditional Layer-2 / Layer-3 network. These rules give our customers fine grain control to tune the network to the needs of a specific application, without the disruption of having to replace their entire network.

Open Networking Choice

Pica8 opens up the network by enabling choice.

PicOS supports a broad range of switching hardware and ASICs through a growing list of hardware suppliers.

PicOS extends the idea of open by interoperating with the widest range of OpenFlow controllers in the market including OpenDaylight (ODL), ONOS, HP’s VAN and Ryu. This enables integration with applications within the SDN ecosystem, making a PicOS-enabled switch the ideal platform for building a made-to-order SDN solution.