Customers are making the move to white box and SDN. Pica8 is the leader creating open and flexible networks through disaggregation, and we are proud to partner with other vendors and resellers to deliver easy white box and SDN solutions to our customers.


Resellers (where to buy)

Authorized resellers can help you get started in your white box networking journey. They can provide the white box hardware, software licenses, or if you prefer, pre-loaded systems, and all the support that you need.

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Hardware Suppliers

Disaggregated networking is the trend, and with any shift, it’s important to understand all the players in the ecosystem. White box hardware suppliers OEM, ODM, white box switch go-to-market partners, and switch silicon partners.

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Application Partners

More customers are using white box networking to build unique solutions and use cases. Whether it’s working with OpenFlow and an SDN controller, co-development via an API or contributing to an open source project, Pica8 is working with a variety of solution development partners to drive innovation and adoption in the market.

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