White box networking operating system

Proprietary platforms have limited agility, hindered access to new technologies, and required costly upgrades and support. PicOS eliminates single-supplier dependency on critical networking infrastructure to deliver a more resilient, programmable, and scalable networking operating system (NOS) at a lower TCO.

PicOS is the industry-leading white box networking operating system

Pica8 pioneered open networking with PicOS, the first software-defined NOS for disaggregated networking.

Freedom & flexibility

Performance at a lower cost

Hardened network security

Simplify management & monitoring


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PicOS unlocks freedom & flexibility to meet increasing network demands

Design scalable networks suited to your needs with highly extensible, modular white box architecture that offers APIs for flexible integrations and automation, support for the latest Ethernet and high-power PoE standards, and delivers interoperability with Cisco and other third-party infrastructure for progressive migration and upgrade strategies to end vendor lock-in and OEM shipping delays.

More resilient & efficient network operations at a lower TCO

With PicOS, deliver highly resilient, highly reliable, programmable networks that are leaner and more scalable than their monolithic predecessors.

EVPN-VXLAN fabric for modern campus & data center networks

MLAG for highly available layer 2 fabric

Automation-ready with Ansible

Enables complex ACL without exhausting TCAM resources

Significant CapEx & OpEx savings

Industry-leading 24/7/365 support

Gain hardened network security

Support a full suite comprehensive security mechanism to protect the access layer delivering on zero-trust principles via tight integration with leading Network Access Control (NAC) Policy Managers.

Port Security

Private VLAN

Dynamic ARP Inspection

Aruba ClearPass

Cisco ISE


Easy to use while delivering full network visibility

Built on an unmodified Debian Linux kernel, PicOS makes it easy to develop and integrate network applications. PicOS offers seamless integration with any management system and push-button automation with AmpCon to make networks easier to deploy, manage, and protect. Gain full network visibility with SNMP and sFlow while gNMI delivers efficient and effective open telemetry.

Replace your NOS with the industry leader in disaggregated networking

Replace your Cumulus Linux network with PicOS

NVIDIA announced that they sunset support on February 21, 2023.

Replace Cisco with PicOS

Deliver a more secure, interoperable, and flexible network without sacrificing support.

What users are saying?

More and more, our clients are looking for realistic alternatives that can be sourced and deployed immediately. Open networking automation products deployed on white box hardware can be a great option at a price point any finance executive will approve of, and with a host of features that network engineers will appreciate.

Alan Fagan

EPS Global

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