Pica8 for IoT

Campus networks are evolving to become the hub for cloud, employees and workers, and IoT. While employees and users increase incrementally, IoT devices are exploding exponentially.

This presents challenges when IoT security is weak and uncoordinated while hop by hop networking is very manual and rigid. Pica8 software solves these challenges by introducing virtualization, security and analytics with complete automation into the network.

Current Campus Network Problems with IoT

Current Tier-3 Architecture

  • Explosive deployment of IoT devices
  • Weak IoT security
  • Hop by hop networking
  • Uncoordinated network security
  • Rigid network

Virtualization with EVPN and VXLAN separates the virtual network from the underlay network so that when you do things on the virtual network, you don’t affect the underlying network.

Security is needed to qualify IoT devices according to policies before entering the network. Analytics is required to know what the devices are doing.

And everything needs to be automated and integrated with the cloud.

Pica8 Next-generation Campus Networks with IoT