About Us

From The Founder

Pica8 was founded with the central premise that software is the essential ingredient in advanced enterprise networking, and since our founding in 2009 we have worked to realize this vision in the open marketplace. Pica8 software products are designed to maximize your infrastructure investments through open standards compatibility, allowing our products to be alone in the industry to enable the benefits of open networking in any green-field deployment or production network interconnected with major vendors such as Cisco, Juniper and Arista.

Pica8’s AmpCon™ Network Controller and PicOS® Software Switches are the open networking alternative to closed system solutions currently on the market. Pica8 can provide a robust network ecosystem with the guarantee of open-ended compatibility to fight upgrade hesitancy that customers often face with single vendor lock-in. Pica8 helps you upgrade networks based on your need, not a vendor sales quota.

Software Makes A Network
Like other technology markets, early innovators in the networking industry primarily involved advances in hardware. Connecting computers and other machines to a network usually involved the physicality of an actual cable and its coordinating port to plug into. Because of this, terms like ‘port density’ and ‘chassis size’ became trendy buzzwords.

As networks grew, both in size and in importance to the organizations using them, hardware systems began to be commoditized due to the number of vendors servicing the growing market demand. At the same time, networks began growing in complexity, creating another market opportunity. In order to properly implement these evolving networks, software tools for networking became as important as the hardware being used.

Software Makes The Net Work
The Internet has ushered in a new era for evolving networks. Network planners now not only have to think about their individual company or organizations’ needs, but as their extranets and intranets connect to the Internet, the potential for network problems with security, reliability, and maintenance increase dramatically. Complex network traffic routing and switching become basic problems with software solutions. Intelligent software that automates the drudgery of common maintenance tasks saves valuable administration resources and frees up your staff power.

Software Makes Your Net Work
The value proposition of Pica8 software for open networking is simple: High-end networking, without the high-end price tag. Pica8 software makes your net work.

~James Liao, Pica8 Founder