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Announcing the New Pica8 Automation Framework

It’s like Having Senior Network Support Engineers in Every Office

Start your journey to a modern, simplified, self-managing enterprise network with Pica8’s new Automation Framework (now included in PICOS®) — in-band remote ZTP and ONIE; life-cycle license management; code updates; and more. (Plays well with our PicaPilot™ app, too.)

We’re Far More than Just Another Networking Vendor

We treat each and every one of our customers like they are a Fortune 100 company. Why? First, it’s in our DNA. We didn’t get to millions of dollars of revenue per year without a sales force for nothing. But second, we have to. The only way to counter the avalanche of Fake News coming from legacy networking vendors over the years about why open standards-based networks are somehow unworthy of consideration means that we, in turn, have to outdo them where it really matters to the customer – support.