Open, Intelligent, Effortless

Simpler, More Powerful Enterprise Networking
for the Campus and Access Edge

Your Path to Open, Automated Enterprise Networking Starts Here

Start your journey to a modern, simplified, self-managing enterprise campus network with Pica8’s new Nymble™ Automation Framework (now included in PICOS®) — in-band remote ZTP and ONIE; life-cycle license management; code updates; and more.

Superior Solutions, Outstanding Support

We treat each and every one of our customers like a Fortune 100 company. Why? First, it’s in our DNA. We think customers deserve our attention when they need it, no matter how big or small they may be. But second, we have to. We need to counter the avalanche of mis-information coming from legacy networking vendors over the years about why open standards-based networks are somehow unworthy of consideration. We do that by delivering superior, more cost-effective solutions, while also outdoing legacy vendors where it really matters to the customer – support.