We are offering special incentives for Cumulus Linux, Dell and Edgecore VARs.

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Why Pica8?

The future of networking is software

Open networking alternative to Cisco

White box strategies future proof networks

Open networking relief for hardware shortages

What Our Partners Say

“In the fast-paced networking industry, time is money. Any network consumer waiting for products to ship is not only wasting time but is needlessly expending resources and changing project plans to accommodate these waits. Every CIO should be investigating any alternative available to them, and open networking offers a very compelling alternative today.”

Youngcor Shueh, VP of Sales for Edgecore Networks

“Cisco’s DNA Center and Catalyst licensing and deployment are so complex that the only line to profit for VARs is to employ engineers for pro services. Pica8’s AmpCon automation allows VARs to get into the switch networking market without the expense of having to staff a pro services team. Our Pica8 customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of time and money savings.”

Bill Rubin, President and CEO for Connect I.T. Solutions

“Networking market demands are vastly outstripping market supply at the moment due to global chip shortages, with little signs of improvement in the near term. More and more, our clients are looking for realistic alternatives that can be sourced and deployed immediately. Open networking automation products deployed on white box hardware can be a great option at a price point any finance executive will approve of, and with a host of features that network engineers will appreciate.”

Alan Fagan, Director of Sales North America, at EPS Global