Deal Registration

Pica8 Software Inc. Deal Registration Program


Terms and Conditions


Updated March 11, 2023


Pica8, Inc.’s deal registration program for resale and distribution partners (“Partners”) is designed to incent Partners with extra discounts for their support of end user customers, often through extended sales cycles.

An opportunity is eligible for deal registration if the Partner and the opportunity meet all of the criteria described below, as determined by Pica8 in its sole discretion.

Deal Registration Benefits

  • Pre-sales support from Pica8 staff
  • Additional discounts off suggested retail price on software licenses (subscription and perpetual), maintenance & support services and professional services
  • Exclusive deal registration for that specific opportunity (i.e., registration attempts from other Partners for the same deal will not be accepted)
  • Extended deal registration period available upon approval


Deal Registration Process and Requirements

  • The Partner must submit the deal for review by completing all fields in the deal registration form provided. (The registration is for a single business opportunity, at either the company or sub- division level(s). To maximize deal registration discounts, enter the contact data for all channel partners involved with the opportunity.)
  • A deal registration application notification email will be sent immediately after submission of the form. The notification will include an alpha numeric “Deal Reg ID” tracking identifier.
  • If an opportunity is eligible for deal registration, the first Partner to submit an application that meets all of the opportunity and Partner criteria for deal registration, as determined by Pica8 in its sole discretion, will receive the approved deal registration for that deal.
  • If deal registration is approved, Pica8 will notify the Partner by e-mail. within three business days.
  • If deal registration is declined, Pica8 will notify the Partner by e-mail and will include the reason(s) for such decision.
  • Deal registration is valid for 120 days after approval. To receive the applicable discount for an approved deal registration, the Reseller must (1) submit a purchase order for the registered deal within 120 days from the date of deal registration approval and (2) include the Deal Reg ID in the purchase order for the deal.
  • The 120-day deadline to submit a purchase order for a registered deal may be extended by an additional period of up to 120 days, at Pica8’s sole discretion. The Partner must request an extension before the expiration of the 120-day period.
  • The discount(s) to be received for approved deal registration is set forth in the Partner’s agreement with Pica8.
  • Deal registration discounts cannot be combined with other programs and do not stack with other Pica8 discounts, except for fulfillment discounts (if any) set forth in Partner’s agreement with Pica8.


Eligibility Rules

  • Only Edgecore distributors and certified Pica8 resellers are eligible.
  • The Partner must have the additional competencies set forth in Additional Requirements below.
  • The Partner must be working with an employee of the end user customer who has the authority, or whose immediate superior has the authority, to purchase the applicable products and services.
  • The deal must not have been previously registered by another Pica8 or Edgecore partner.
  • Pica8 must not have been actively engaged in discussions with the end user customer about the deal during the preceding 6 months.
  • The deal must have been sourced by the Partner. Pica8 may, in its reasonable discretion, determine that more than one Partner has been involved in the referral of an opportunity and may apportion deal registration discounts/Partner pricing accordingly.
  • The deal must not be the subject of a Public Tender that has already been published. “Public Tender” means a request for proposal (RFP), invitation for bid (IFB), request for quote (RFQ), or similar public sector tender process that is subject to public procurement laws or regulations. A deal that will be the subject of a Public Tender is eligible for deal registration only if the registration is completed before the Public Tender is published.
  • There is no minimum number of units.


Rescinding a Deal Registration

Pica8 reserves the right to rescind a deal registration in its reasonable, good faith discretion, including for any of the following reasons:

  • Pica8 receives a written request from the end user customer requesting to work with another Partner.
  • The end user customer has rejected the Partner’s bid or quote.
  • The Partner has not actively worked the deal for 30 days or has been inattentive to the customer’s needs.
  • The Partner does not close the deal within the deal registration period and no extension or renewal was granted.
  • The Partner quotes a competitor’s product or service for the registered opportunity.
  • The Partner is in breach of its agreement with Pica8.


Additional Requirements

To offer Pica8 solutions and be approved for deal registration, a Partner must meet the following additional competencies:

  • Partner has at least one salesperson and sales engineer supporting Pica8 products
  • Partner has received Pica8 training on technology and value proposition
  • Partner will provide demo equipment for customer evaluations and POC