Thoroughly Modern Networking

That’s Prêt-à-Installer™ (Ready-to-Install)

Pica8’s Breakthrough Networking Technology

Pica8’s breakthrough networking technology that blends the intelligence and programmability of what used to be called “SDN” directly onto the same ports running traditional L2/L3 traffic simplifies network operations almost beyond words. So much so that our standard zero-touch provisioning and perpetual software licenses just become icing on an ease-of-use cake.

With PICOS, customers use familiar CLIs to easily program any network to support a wide variety of solutions, including enterprise upgrades, hybrid clouds, disaster recovery, real-time network analytics, and content delivery.

And then deploy the configured network with their favorite “Zero Touch Provisioning” software. No learning curve here — or new programming languages to wrestle with.

Turn on L2/L3 networking, “old-style” OpenFlow, or the new Pica8 cocktail that uses both – it’s completely up to you. And whichever path you choose, you’ll have seriously upgraded your network while saving well over 50% of your operational and capital costs.



Monitoring and Analytics

Content Delivery