How to Pica8 Your Legacy Network Today

We’re here to make life easy for you. In the often-confusing world of open disaggregated networking and SDN it can seem like there are more ecosystems than you can shake a proverbial stick at. Don’t get us wrong, we like ecosystems. We even have one of our own. But you’re not here to evaluate groups of logos, you’re here to find a solution. So, let’s get on with that.

The table below tells you – at a very high level – some of the value and benefits that our proven PICOS open Linux NOS offers over your existing network infrastructure (in column one) and the current collection of white box switches that it runs on (in column two).

PICOS Features/Benefits Supported Device Types
Massively simplified deployment, management 1G Ethernet switches
Automatic rollbacks 1G PoE switches
Zero-downtime policy/security updates 10G Ethernet switches
Full chassis/wiring closet replacement 25G Ethernet switches
Zero-trust networking 40G Ethernet switches
Best-in-class PoE control 100G Ethernet switches
Best-in-class global support HCI solutions (via partners)
Perpetual licenses NPB solutions (via partners)
Improved data visibility/monitoring
Improved performance
Improved reliability
Full L2/L3 + CrossFlow™ Option
Full SDN Option (OF 1.4, 1.5)
Unmodified Linux kernel (ideal for DevOps)
HCI solutions (via partners)
NPB solutions (via partners)
Lowest TCO in the business