Hello HPE Customer

Thank you for purchasing or renewing your HPE service support agreement and Pica8 subscription(s). There are two key documents on this page:

  • Installation Steps – this document will assist you with how to install the Pica8 software, and generate and install a license for each Altoline switch
  • FAQ – our general FAQ that answers many questions about Pica8 and PicOS for HPE

If you have any questions about your services or the activation of your Pica8 subscription(s), please contact your HPE Contract Administrator (as noted on your HPE Support Contract) and provide the following details as provided in email from HPE with Subject “Important: Activation of Your Pica8 Subscription”.

Service Agreement ID «SAID»
HPE Contract «HPE_Contract»
Pica8 Account ID «Pica8_Account_ID»
HPE Product Details «Product1» «Product name1» «Qty1»
«Product2» «Product name2» «Qty2»
«Product3» «Product name3» «Qty3»
«Product4» «Product name4» «Qty4»

We look forward to providing you with the best service possible.

Best Regards,
Pica8 & Hewlett Packard Enterprise