An Open Approach to Intent-Based Networking

Learn how Pica8’s PICOS network operating system and AmpCon automation framework offer a viable open IBN solution for the whole enterprise – from the data center, across the campus, and all the way to the access edge.

Intent-based networks automate network operations by capturing the business intent behind various applications and translating it into policies that are automatically applied to network devices. IBN relieves network administrators of numerous operations tasks while ensuring each application meets its pre-defined level of network performance and availability.

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An Open Approach to Intent-Based Networking

The only question is how to implement IBN. Whereas once your only real option was to go with a legacy vendor’s pricey implementation, such as Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), today there’s another avenue: an open, standards-based approach.

Download our white paper to learn about the essential elements required for an open approach to IBN and the various benefits it brings, including:

  • Simplified network operations, freeing up network teams for more valuable work
  • Improved performance and increased uptime
  • Choice of hardware – top performance at reasonable prices
  • Choice of software –backward compatibility without vendor lock-in
  • Familiar tools, including the Ansible automation platform

IBN is clearly the wave of the future in enterprise networking. Download our paper now to learn about an open, cost-effective approach to bringing IBN to your environment.