Pica8 Expands Global Footprint to Middle East and Africa; Signs MEA Distribution Agreement with Dubai-based Distilogix

Pica8, a leading provider of advanced, open networking software, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Dubai-based VAD (value-added distributor) Distilogix that licenses them to sell Pica8’s PICOS® Linux-based network operating system (NOS) and PicaPilotTMwhite box switch automation and management software in the Middle East and Africa.

Distilogix specializes in bringing a variety of software-defined technologies to customers in the MEA region that are interested in breaking away from their decades-old expensive legacy networking architectures.

“Given their experience with deploying a range of disaggregated white box technologies, Distilogix was a natural fit to be our MEA expansion channel for PICOS and PicaPilot in a very price-sensitive market that has been starved for commercially viable alternatives to pricey and proprietary networking solutions,” said Jeff Paine, vice president of marketing for Pica8. “As the first company to have shipped a Linux-based NOS on white box switches, we started the disaggregated hardware/software networking movement some seven years ago. Now Pica8 has over 1,000 PICOS customers in 40+ countries running inexpensive, open-standards-based white box solutions using SDN, L2/L3 – or both – protocol stacks.”

“We are very excited to be teaming up with Pica8, a company we feel is extremely well positioned as an SDN vendor for exactly the types of customers we see in the MEA region,” said Omar Kechrid, CEO of Distilogix. “This part of the world is eager for new innovative solutions that can free customers of vendor lock and huge budget strains. This lines up perfectly with our mission of bringing top-notch SDDC solutions to the market.”

The agreement will allow Distilogix to sell PicaPilot and both the PICOS Enterprise Edition, which includes an unmodified Debian Linux kernel, OpenFlow Version 1.5 SDN, L2/L3 switching and routing features, and Pica8’s industry-leading CrossFlowTM, a dual-control-plane technology that allows all switch ports in a network to be both L2/L3 and OpenFlow controlled at the same time, as well as the OpenFlow-only PICOS SDN Edition.


About Pica8

Pica8 pioneered the modern disaggregated open networking alternative to tightly coupled legacy switches and routers by releasing the industry’s first Debian-based Linux network operating system (NOS), PICOS®, running on a wide variety white box and brite box switches, back in early 2012. Today, over 1,000 customers in 40+ countries depend on Pica8’s unique ability to manage every port in a network with both L2/L3 and SDN control planes. This tight coupling of control planes enables real-time granular control of enterprise applications; deep and dynamic traffic monitoring; and even attack mitigation to now take place directly on the switches themselves. This proven, mainstream alternative to proprietary legacy infrastructure is available directly from Pica8 and through a variety of strategic global partners. For more information, visit www.pica8.com or follow us on Twitter @pica8.

About Distilogix

Distilogix is a Dubai (UAE)-based value added distributor focused on helping customers develop and deploy software-defined data centers (SDDCs). For more information, visit www.distilogix.com.


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Omar Kechrid, CEO, Distilogix — +971-4-343-4138