Pica8 Introduces PicOS 2.7.1, Delivering Scale and Flow Management Capabilities on White Box Switches for Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure

Pica8’s PicOS NOS Supports Ultra-Fast Networking on
Switches Based On Cavium and Broadcom ASICs

PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 21, 2016 – Pica8 Inc., the one-stop source for white box networking, today announced that it once again leads the white box switching industry by introducing the first network operating system support for 25/50/100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) networking. As demonstrated on Inventec switches at the SC15 conference last winter, PicOS supports ultra-fast networking on switches based on Cavium’s XPliant and Broadcom’s Tomahawk switch ASICs. These enhancements are incorporated into PicOS 2.7.1, which is now shipping on 100GbE white box switches from Edgecore Networks and Inventec.

“Pica8 is continually pushing the limits of its network operating system, and that goal of continual improvements matches our own hardware development goals,” said Bill Burger, vice president of business development at Edgecore Networks. “We have seen strong interest in our 100GbE open network switches, and the availability of PicOS 2.7.1 on those switches will deliver more value to our data center, telecom and enterprise customers.”

“Inventec brings cost-effective 100GbE networking to the market with its line of data center switches, and PicOS only enhances our offering,” said Daphne Chen, director of network infrastructure design center at Inventec. “We are excited to be offering PicOS with our switch portfolio.”

In addition, PicOS 2.7.1 introduces AdvanceFlow, a set of features for more granular flow management and optimization that allows customer to achieve greater scale. This includes larger tables for L3 flows, controls for specifying hardware vs. software flows, and better integration of L2 and L3 tables into the memory tables of the switch.  These enhancements, along with the recent introduction of Table Type Patterns (see Pica8 Unlocks Last Open Networking Black Box at OCP), further solidify Pica8 as a brand leader in SDN scale and optimization for large-scale service provider deployments.

“Higher bandwidth demand dictates a move to 25/50/100 GbE networking, and service agility dictates a need for SDN,” said Dan Tuchler, vice president of product management at Pica8. “In PicOS 2.7.1, we are ahead of the curve by bringing SDN to cost-effective 100GbE switches for the first time.“

About Pica8, Inc.

Pica8 is breaking barriers to truly customizable application performance through open networking. With its Linux-based PicOS™ network operating system, Pica8 enables custom traffic engineering and empowers white box and brite box switches to integrate easily with existing Layer 2/Layer 3 networks and deliver unlimited SDN scalability through OpenFlow. Since 2009, Pica8 has pioneered new open networking technologies such as Linux-based networking, CrossFlow networking, vASIC® and Table Type Patterns. Through ongoing innovation, Pica8 is a trusted brand that unlocks the potential of made-to-order networking, offering a mainstream alternative to legacy proprietary systems. For more information, visit www.pica8.com or follow us on Twitter @pica8.