Pica8 To Introduce White Box Networking Solution for Retailers at NRF

Pica8, Inc., a leading vendor of white box switch software, today announced that it is launching its PICOS™ network operating system into the retail market with an exhibit in booth 1480 at the National Retail Federation’s annual trade show and conference at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York on January 14-16 (#nrf2018, #NRFBigShow).

Pica8’s growing ecosystem for retailer networks is enabling increasing adoption of the white box value proposition – separation of hardware and software purchases to avoid vendor lock-in, providing freedom of choice and saving on Capex and Opex. (#Pica8, #whitebox) Pica8’s PICOS Network Operating System has been deployed in retail stores and branch offices and provides a set of features optimized for the unique demands found there. PICOS White Box Networking advantages to retailers include:

  • Capex cost reduction via hardware commoditization
  • Opex cost reduction via automated activation: no IT personnel needed for on-site activation
  • Switch-secured Point of Sale terminals and transactions from internal and external threats
  • Portability to Ethernet switch hardware from many suppliers
  • You’re in control of your network operating system & configurations
  • Futureproofed with Software Defined Networking features for later activation

“We are seeing increasing demand for our networking solutions among retailers who need automation and security in their locations,” said Niraj Jain, VP of sales and business development at Pica8. “The features of PicOS have been optimized to support unique requirements in the retail environment, and enable operational savings as well as zero-touch provisioning and centralized control and management.”