Pica8 Unlocks Last Open Networking Black Box at OCP 2016

PicOS Leverages Broadest Compatible Hardware for SDN Integration

PALO ALTO, Calif. – March 8, 2016 – Pica8 Inc., the one-stop source for white box networking, today announced that it has the broadest support for both software-defined networking (SDN)-enabled hardware, integration and scaling functionality. Recently, Pica8 implemented Table Type Patterns (TTP) in its PicOS NOS to unlock the final black box (the ASIC), removing OpenFlow scaling on standard data center top of rack white box switches.

At the OCP Summit on March 9-10 in San Jose, Calif., Pica8 will demonstrate PicOS integrated with Broadcom’s BroadView switch instrumentation software in Booth E16 on Edgecore Networks switches and additionally with open hardware partner Interface Masters in Booth E15. Pica8 is also demonstrating PicOS running on Cavium’s new XPliant ASIC in Edgecore switches. In addition, Pica8 will showcase white box and brite box switches from Edgecore, HPE, Interface Masters, Inventec, and Penguin Computing at the show. In particular, Pica8 will show Edgecore’s new AS4610 family of open access switches, which is based on designs contributed to OCP.

"We appreciate our continued partnership with Pica8." Said Sachin Gandhi, Director of Marketing Switch Platform Group for Cavium,  "XPliant switch flexibility is enabling Pica8’s initiative to simplify application optimization through flow-based switching"

More and more customers are integrating Layer-2 / Layer-3 and OpenFlow rules to provide greater agility and granular control of traffic engineering policies. With TTP capability and Pica8’s CrossFlow Networking, customers can integrate and scale SDN in existing networks. PicOS currently supports TTP on switches based on Broadcom XGS® Tomahawk and Cavium XPliant switching ASICs, enabling OpenFlow to scale to millions of flows to enable truly massive OpenFlow deployments.

Finally, Pica8’s James Liao, CEO and co-founder, will appear in The Cube, where Wikibon’s Stu Miniman will interview him.

“More than any other company, Pica8 is advancing the state of open networking by being the first to implement breakthrough features such as CrossFlow Networking and TTP” said Steve Garrison, vice president of marketing at Pica8. “As OpenFlow deployments move into the mainstream in the coming months and years, we believe features like these will become standards in the industry.”

About Pica8, Inc.

Pica8 is breaking barriers to truly customizable application performance through open networking. With its Linux-based PicOS™ network operating system, Pica8 empowers a wide variety of white box and brite box switches to enable easy integration with existing Layer 2/Layer 3 networks and unlimited SDN scalability through OpenFlow. Since 2009, Pica8 has pioneered new open networking technologies such as Linux-based networking, CrossFlow networking, vASIC® and Table Type Patterns. Through ongoing innovation, Pica8 is a trusted brand that unlocks the potential of made-to-order networking, offering a mainstream alternative to legacy proprietary systems. For more information, visit www.pica8.com or follow us on Twitter @pica8.