Free, virtual NOS for white box switching

Experience truly free & open white box switching with PicOS. Download for free today to validate at your own pace with no commitments.

Try PicOS at your own pace with no commitments

PicOS-V is a free virtual machine (VM) that can be used to familiarize yourself with PicOS software switches. Prototype network ops, validate configuration, and test features before committing.

With simulated Dell & Edgecore switches, there’s no need to wait for hardware. PicOS-V runs on VMware, GNS3 and VirtualBox hypervisors, without the need for a bare-metal switch or specialized hardware.

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Included in your free PicOS-V trial

Always free with no license required

Deployment guide & documentation

Validate configuration of PicOS

Prototype network ops before committing

Test features with no risk – L2, L3 & upgrade

Simulate white box switches

Start your journey with open networking

Get the industry-leading open networking OS

Pica8 pioneered open networking with PicOS, the first NOS for disaggregated networking.

Automate with AmpCon

Automate end-to-end network lifecycle management.