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Pica8 understands your operation challenges to develop dynamic and secure networks through high-performance connectivity. Pica8’s AmpCon Network Controller and PicOS Software Switches create an open networking solution that displaces Cisco DNA Center and Catalyst switches for enterprise campus networks.

Download our Cisco DNA and Catalyst Replacement Case Study


Simplified GUI-based Automation

  • Automate switch provisioning, deployment, and error-free configuration at scale
  • Offload routine tasks from network operators to do more with less
  • Flexible to customize or extend with Ansible Playbooks

Zero Trust Security

  • Integrate with Network Access Control (NAC) Policy Engines, such as Cisco ISE and Aruba ClearPass
  • Full featured implementation to secure enterprise access layer for IoT, authorized users and guests
  • Secure access switching compatible with production Cisco and Aruba WiFi networks and future proof for WiFi-6E migration

Network Virtualization

  • Extend virtualization with EVPN/VXLAN from the data center to the access switches
  • Integrate with existing Cisco Software-defined Access (SD-Access) infrastructure
  • Use an open solution with spine-leaf arrays to support flexible and scalable virtualization architectures without Cisco chassis solutions


  • Network information is readily available from PicOS Software Switches
  • Streaming telemetry continually updates networking data

Build Next-gen Enterprise Campus and Data Center Networks

Single Card Test

Add Ansible Playbooks to create custom workflows.